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Co-Op Your Billboard Advertising

As a new business on the block, we have to say that our billboard has brought many customers to our store and more pleased to say that for the money spent, we got more return from our billboard than many other forms of advertising, including our tv commercial. 
When we made the decision to advertise on a billboard, ComStor Outdoor was the reason for the decision. They made things simple, easy and affordable with an above level of professionalism. What we remember most about the process is how they sat down with us, asked questions about our products, customers and what we wanted out of our advertising.       
From there we were presented with a couple of locations to choose from around the area where we wanted to attract customers. These locations came in at the price range we had previously communicated and there was no hard-sale or up-charge in the process. We were even given a couple of art drafts to look at. Upon approval of the draft, the sign was sent to processing and a few days later we received a call that the vinyl was being installed that afternoon. The service was incredible! The staff at ComStor Outdoor took care of everything in less than 10 days and we never had to leave our office.                                                                                                                                             
For those simple reasons, a year later, we chose to renew our billboard in a new location to target customers from a different area. The decision and communication process worked just as smoothly as it had the first time we did business with ComStor and we even added a twist to the design. We asked the representative of ComStor to work with us on a design that would be approved for co-op dollars. They graciously accepted our request and made things happen that satisfied us and our co-op requirements.

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