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“Next Exit Ahead…”

Because of the challenging economy and rising fuel prices, cost-cutting travelers are flying less and driving more—bad for airlines, but great for advertisers that go outdoor. With more people loading up their cars and starting their family vacations on the road, the audience for billboard ads has significantly increased.

Think about your last really long car ride. Pretty boring, right? Chances are you were fiddling with the radio, telling the kids to pipe down, wishing you could get to your destination faster. If you’d passed a well-designed billboard with colorful graphics and a witty message, it probably made you smile, exit, take and detour, and fill up. The same holds true for most road trippers—they’re anxious for a diversion that will help pass the time. In short, they’re primed for your message.

To make the biggest impact on your traveling audience, your billboard ad should:

  • Make them laugh. People traveling long distances are bored and tired, in dire need of a little humor. They’ll appreciate a message that gets them laughing, and will be more likely to remember you later as that bright spot on an otherwise hum-drum horizon.
  • Direct them to the necessities. Highway travelers are constantly anticipating their next stop, whether it’s to eat lunch, fill up the gas tank, use the restroom, or get a hotel room for the night. A billboard ad displayed at strategic intervals leading up to the exit is a great way to lead them to your business, especially if it’s not visible from the interstate.
  • Remind them to have a little fun. Sometimes it’s the unplanned activities that provide the most entertainment value. Encourage travelers to take a break from the long haul and check out an attraction along the way.

When you create an eye-catching message with clear, crisp graphics and place it at smart locations along major interstates, you’ll be well on your way to adding your business to thousands of road trip itineraries.

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