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Get On the Fast Track with These Billboard Design Tips

If I could give you just three pieces of advice on billboard advertising design, I would skip my first two points and go directly to the most important thing you need to know. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Why so blunt?  Because often times your current and potential customers are in a big hurry and driving at speeds of 35-70mph. The typical billboard viewer will only has 5-10 seconds to read your message, understand what it means and remember what they need to do to contact you.

As business owners, our natural tendency is to tell everyone EVERYTHING that we do, which may work well when you speaking or creating print media like newsletters or brochures, but is not a good strategy for your billboard. Your message must be clear, concise and MEMORABLE.

Websites: One of the most effective billboards I have ever seen was simply a website address, even better than that, they left off the www!  It was simply the CompanyName.com. Not only did I immediately go home and check out the website, but I still remember that website to this day from 3 years ago!  And isn’t that the whole point of a billboard?  To create action from the customer and build top of mind awareness?  Both are great goals and important aspects for you to consider.

Phone Numbers: We all want our phone to ring with customers.  But phone numbers are very rarely important to a billboard viewers and are best reserved for yellow page ads, business cards and all hand-held printed matter.  Signs are a very unique medium, and the general rule is they should be able to be completely read in about three seconds.  If a viewer remembers who you are, they can find your information The U.S. Small Business Administration can be a great resource for information on signage and can be found at www.whatsyoursignage.com Here are a few points that I think are most helpful for you to know:

  1. Legibility gives drivers or pedestrians with normal vision the ability to understand symbols and letters on your sign. Legibility depends on many things – font type including the size of letters, the amount of white space, and the colors you choose.
  2. While it’s tempting to include as much information as possible when designing your sign, it’s more effective to keep the message very simple. Prioritize what you need to communicate. If you offer a unique service in the area, your address may be the most important element. If you’re competing against many other similar businesses, highlighting distinctive features may be a priority.

The bottom line, less=more    Now – go out and be creative.

Dennis Schaub, is the Owner and Creative Director at Fast Track Signs http://www.fasttracksigns.net/ located at 813 North Main Street, Bellefontaine Ohio  43311.

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