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How Start-Ups Can Boost Business with a Billboard

Small “start-up” businesses face some big challenges—especially if they’re entering into an industry that’s already full of established competitors. For many start-up businesses, it can be so overwhelming to manage funding, operations, and staffing that marketing and branding take a backseat. “I’ll worry about advertising later, once we get the business up and running,” is a common rationale. The problem is, if you put off marketing as a secondary initiative, you risk running your business into the ground before it even takes off.

To give your new business a better shot at success, you need to integrate an effective advertising campaign well before launch. In addition to the traditional magazine, newspaper, and radio venues, outdoor billboards provide a high-impact way to announce your new venture.

Outdoor billboards are perfect for start-up businesses because they:

  • Get the word out—in a big way. Companies that have been around for years can afford to coast, but when you’re new on the block, you need to announce yourself in a way that captures attention. Billboards stake your claim in the industry with a bold, brief, larger-than-life message.
  • Build your brand. A solid, recognizable brand is a critical marketing tool for any business. A billboard does a great job of presenting your logo, colors, tag line, and other identifying elements, ensuring that costumers will recognize and remember you later.
  • Advertise special promotions: Use outdoor advertising to announce your grand opening, special introductory discounts, referral incentives, and any other special promotions to help generate buzz for your new business.
  • Shrink your advertising budget. Because billboards have a lower cost per thousand than other types of local media, you’ll get more market exposure for the money you’re investing, resulting in a skyrocketing ROI (Return On Investment).

Find out how a great billboard ad can turn your start-up into a rising star. Contact a COMSTOR Outdoor representative today.

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