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Can Drinking Wine Increase Your Business?

The answer is – maybe.

The health benefits of drinking wine in moderation are well documented. One of the well-known and most studied benefit of red wine is its heart protective effect. Moderate consumption of red wine on a regular basis may be a preventative against coronary heart disease. One drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men can lower the risk of heart attack for middle-aged people by 30 to 50 percent! Red wine intake also reduces the risk of kidney stone formation and correlates with a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Because of these amazing benefits and since we love our clients so much, COMSTOR Outdoor has organized a private wine tasting event to be hosted at the Winery at Versailles. Our customers and friends will be enjoying some of Ohio’s finest wines along with a personal guided tour through the wine-making process. The evening will include gourmet cheeses, olives and delicious food from around the world!

The Winery, located outside of the Village of Versailles, is owned and operated by the Williams Family. They feature over 30 different wines, from Cabernet to Port, Sparkling to Dessert, and a full menu of semi sweet and sweet. You can learn more by visiting:http://www.wineryatversailles.com/

This event is currently SOLD OUT, but keep your eye out for future exciting events brought to you by COMSTOR Outdoor.

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