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“Can YOU Crack The Code?” – New Marketing Strategies by COMSTOR Outdoor

QR codes (or quick response codes) are a new and fascinating way to promote your brand and business, giving you the ability to measure response rates and calculate your return on investment.  They have been integrated into both traditional and interactive marketing campaigns and are great to use on business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, in-store displays, trade shows, direct mail, websites, email marketing and most importantly – billboards!  Check out these creative samples on how clients have used QR codes below.

So how does this all work? When a QR code is scanned by a smart phone, the information embedded into the QR code is accessed. This information can consist of contact information, a text message, an email message, a website or social media site and even video footage! There is no better way to engage your customers than to create an interactive experience for them while also promoting your products and services!

In addition to the tracking capability of QR codes, they are very versatile and a cost-effective technology for your business! Simply put, QR codes are a bridge between your offline products and online information since smart phones allow you to connect to anything that is online.

How to generate your own QR code.

  1. Creating your own QR code is easy.  It starts by visiting a QR code generating website, for example:  http://beqrious.com.
  2. Make sure that you have a QR reader installed (most new smart phones come with one). If not, download one to your phone.
  3. Test your code. Be sure to keep your hand steady and that the entire code is in view. Then take a picture of the code to ensure that the correct information populates on your smart phone.
  4. Depending on your software, it may take some five to thirty seconds for the application to resolve the link for you.  That is to say, to decode the information written behind the code.  If it is a URL, the QR code reader will open your browser and let you surf the mobile site the code links to.
  5. Try promoting your code and tie it together with a campaign that encourages your clients to visit your store or website.

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