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COMSTOR: Code for Smart Billboards

There are a lot of cool aspects to my job.

For starters, our team gets to be really creative in dreaming up new billboard campaigns. If you like the stuff that makes it to the signs, you should see what’s left on the cutting room floor.

My travels take me to interesting locations throughout the tri-state area, typically revealing out-of-the-way hidden gems and tasty foods.

And let’s not overlook the most essential highlight: free coffee in the office.

Seriously, the aspect of my job I love the most is working with our clients. I’m surrounded by smart businesspeople that genuinely care about providing good service and helping their clients. In this post, I’m excited to tell you about my client, Western Ohio Mortgage, and their latest advertising campaign.

When Lindsey Evans, Mortgage Consultant, came to me ready for a new advertising campaign, she knew exactly what she wanted. Having read our blog post about using QR codes, she wanted this interactive technology in her billboard design – making Western Ohio Mortgage COMSTOR Outdoor’s very first client to do so!

A QR code (short for “Quick Response”) is readable by QR code readers, but more popularly readable by your camera phone. Take a photo of the black and white square pattern graphic and your phone quickly retrieves useful information (this may require a special app or program). You’ve probably seen a QR code in a magazine ad, or on the package of a food item you buy at the grocery store.

Lindsey welcomes as her moniker the name “Little Miss Mortgage.” Her specialty is working with the first-time homebuyer, and she’s learned that this group is largely a tech savvy bunch. Snap a photo of the billboard’s QR code and you’ll get instant information. (You’ll have to go to the billboard near Northbound 235 and 366 in Lakeview to see just what I mean.) You can also search for Little Miss Mortgage on Facebook.

“Using interactive media is fun,” says Evans, “I want people to scan the code and gain access to our SECRET SITE!

You can also visit their website at www.westernohiomortgage.com where you’ll find that Western Ohio Mortgage provides 203k renovation products, VA loans, no money down loans, and they help credit-impaired borrowers find the best path to homeownership.

Evans takes pride in Western Ohio Mortgage being a lender – they make the credit decision and take the loan from application form to closing. She’s done a good job, readers of the local newspaper voted them the Reader’s Choice Award.

She’s also done a good job of utilizing technology in a world of connected consumers.

Let COMSTOR Outdoor provide an advertising solution for you. We’ll even give you a free cup of coffee!


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