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Gorillas in Liberty National Bank?

Yep! Well…sorta.

Awhile ago we told you about a new partnership we forged to recycle the vinyl used in our billboards in an effort to reduce our waste and be Green. A company called Gorilla Sacks reuses the would-be-waste vinyl to create custom, handmade messenger bags. (see post here)

Liberty National Bank read the post and considered how this idea might fit into their overall marketing strategy.

Within a few weeks they had Gorilla Sacks in the bank, the material and design of which was their most recent COMSTOR Outdoor billboard – literally.

Now we hope you don’t mind if we beat our chests a little bit, but we think it’s a great way to get extra life from their brand and be nice to the Earth.

To learn more visit www.gorillasacks.com

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