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Celina Manor Featured in Outdoor Advertising Magazine

We think our clients are deserving of a feature spotlight, a leading industry magazine agrees with us.

COMSTOR Outdoor’s billboard design for Celina Manor was featured in the May/June issue of Outdoor Advertising Magazine. Appearing in the Outdoor Gallery section, the design was chosen for its creativity and layout.

As the area’s premier therapy center, the advertising campaign featured the slogan “Heading Home?” and a senior woman happily peddling a bicycle beneath blue skies to underscore its commitment to rehabilitating patients and returning them to their homes.

“Sure we designed it,” says Jason Duff, COMSTOR Outdoor CEO, “but it’s really about our client, their brand is featured.”

COMSTOR Outdoor is grateful to have worked with Mindy Kremer, director of customer relations for Celina Manor. If your business would like to discuss outdoor advertising, please contact us at 937-842-5169 or visit us on the web at www.comstoroutdoor.com.

You just might be the next feature!

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