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Have you recently gotten an outside perspective?

I had a big breakthrough this week that I wanted to share with you.   No, it’s not the fact that it’s snowing outside today which the skier in me is excited about.  The advice that I want to share this week is about the importance of outside perspective.

I recently had lunch with a mentor of mine who has known me since my days of sporting my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PJ’s – so without taking specific numbers let’s just say for a very long time.

During that lunch conversation she asked me for one of my business cards and as she read it she asked…”so what is Outdoor Media?”  I replied quickly and said – it’s BILLBOARDS!  Those BIG colorful advertising signs on the sides of the road.

“Oh really?” she said.  “I had no idea that Outdoor Media was actually BILLBOARDS!”

Listening to her question and watching her reaction was a BIG Aha! moment because I recognized my mistake of assuming that my friends, family and network know exactly what I do.

I thanked my friend for the feedback and shared with her that I was going to seek more outside perspectives about how I can be clearer about my business and its services.

So, my question to you is: how are you going about getting outside perspective for your marketing and your brand?

She went on to confess that she’d been interested in getting a billboard for some time, but that she’d always assumed that they were too expensive.

Right then, I shared with her our prices.  A billboard was actually the most affordable option out of the three marketing mediums that she was considering.

I thought to myself – this is a huge opportunity for me to re-evaluate what I have written on my business cards, website, e-mail footer and correspondence with others so it is PERFECTLY clear on what we can do to help our clients be successful.

So, to clear things up – we create amazing marketing using outdoor billboards.  We have 400+ great billboard sign locations in Ohio and Indiana.  BIG LEAGUE Marketing on a Small Town Budget.

We design FREE samples too.  You pay nothing!  If you’d like some information or think there is something I can do to help your business, hit me up by replying to this e-mail.

If not, keep up the great work with your business and have an awesome weekend!

Your friend,

Jason Duff

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