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Have you bought an amish made heater?

I was watching TV this week and came across a video that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. Have you see the television infomercial featuring the Amish made heaters?

If not, you must watch it here.

This video is very prescriptive for us marketing folks. Why? Because it proves that some people just don’t THINK before they buy!

Don’t get me wrong, I love and admire Amish people. I grew up working in a wonderful small town and Amish community. However, let me ask this question: how many Amish people do you know that use electric heaters?

Even better, do you really believe that the Amish craftsmen are making the electric heaters?

In both cases the answer is almost certainly NO. However, people continue to buy these heaters because of the perceived quality of the craftsmanship that Amish provide.

So, my point is this video is prescriptive in terms of a great offer, but a fundamentally flawed aspect of integrity of that offer. YET, people continue to buy.

Here’s my take on things – people genuinely aren’t real good about buying. Secondly, consumers are deeply flawed in behavior.

What does this mean to you?

It’s great to watch infomercials and see the psychology that goes into constructing an offer. It usually goes something like this.

Have you ever experienced [name a big problem/frustration here]. If so, [product name] solves [frustration #1], [frustration #2], and [frustration #3]. The company or product was created by because of .

This product is [talk about why it's special] and is only available .

Now, and this is the most important part…


The best thing that you can do is gather testimonials about what others are saying about your product.

Finally, close with a limited time offer and doubling the offer with some FREE BONUSES. AND, all of this together – creates a pretty powerful formula and really does work.

While the Amish heater video is quite funny and off base, there are several things that you can learn from and incorporate into your marketing today.

If you need some advice for your marketing plan and your business, my team and I are just a few clicks or a phone call away.

Enjoy those infomercials and have a great weekend,

Jason Duff

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